Reporting and Responding

Social media managers are often the first to come across conflict or crises. This can include posts about an emergency on campus, tweets showing signs of emotional distress/anger from a member of the campus community, or accusations that are damaging to the UCI brand. If you see a post that gives you cause for concern:

  1. Resist the urge to respond right away. Consult with your supervisor.
  2. Save a screenshot for your records. Note the date when it was originally posted and who posted it.
  3. Notify the appropriate person/group:
  4. CC the Office of the Campus Counsel as to the appropriateness of removal of the post and taking further action.
  5. CC Strategic Communications so we are aware of any issues which may affect other groups/departments.

Delete/hide if it violates our Code of Conduct. Respond IF the appropriate group has provided a statement. In some cases, like student complaint or accusations of discrimination/misconduct, for example, you may respond that a person from a specific department will be contacting them via private/direct message.