April 2, 2024
Students reflected in the glass windows of Engineering Hall move between classes. (Photo: Steve Zylius/UC Irvine)
Students reflected in the glass windows of Engineering Hall move between classes. (Photo: Steve Zylius/UC Irvine)


Air Force grants $1.5 million for materials science research

 David Kisailus, a professor of materials science and engineering
The Air Force Office of Scientific Research, under its Defense University Research Instrumentation Program, has granted $1.5 million to materials scientists at UC Irvine including David Kisailus (above), a professor of materials science and engineering. The grant will pay for sophisticated nanomechanical and chemical characterization equipment for biomaterial analysis and a 3D printing platform for biomimetic processing. Kisailus and his team members will use the new tools for high-resolution analysis of biological, geological and engineering materials under extreme conditions, as well as for the development of biomimetic multiscale functional materials.

Green Scene

Sustainability achievements and tips from UCI

Walk on the wild side at the UCI Ecological Preserve

The UCI Ecological Preserve was established as part of a larger conservation effort in Orange County in the mid-1990s to safeguard ecosystems in their entirety, including habitat linkages necessary for their long-term sustainability. Now is a great time to visit. Three trails are accessible from six entry points, and birdwatchers will find an array of sighting opportunities. Volunteers are needed, and those interested can email ucinature@uci.edu.

UCI Health partners with Sprinter Health to close care gaps

UCI Health has partnered with Sprinter Health, a technology-enabled provider of in-home preventive services, to bring accessible and equitable care to patients facing barriers to regular health screenings. The collaboration launched last year allows UCI Health Medi-Cal patients to receive in-home services at no cost, including blood draws for diabetes and kidney health monitoring labs, diabetic eye exams, blood pressure checks, pediatric lead screenings and more.


‘The UC Effect’: Shaping the future of AI

Map of California - ‘The UC Effect’: Shaping the future of AI
Last month, academics from University of California’s 10 campuses, three national labs and six academic health centers gathered to discuss the role UC can play in shaping AI in service of the public good. At the AI Congress, topics discussed included: Who gets to take advantage of new AI tools and who is left behind? Who profits and who suffers? Who controls the vast sets of information that undergird AI and what happens when AI starts to spin out its own erroneous “data”?


Mona Lynch wins prestigious Paul Tappan Award

 Chancellor’s Professor Mona Lynch

For the 11th time, a UC Irvine professor has won the top award from the Western Society of Criminology. This year, the Paul Tappan Award went to Chancellor’s Professor Mona Lynch in recognition of her outstanding contributions to her field. Her latest book, Hard Bargains: The Coercive Power of Drug Laws in Federal Court, received the 2017 Michael J. Hindelang Award by the American Society of Criminology.

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Beckers Hospital Review logo

'Nicety' vs. 'necessity': 37 impressions of AI in healthcare

Becker’s Hospital Review, March 28
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Bloomberg Law logo

Boeing Shakeup Threatens ‘Glass Cliff’ Fate for Stephanie Pope

Bloomberg Law, March 27
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Why do we toss coins into fountains?

CNN, March 30
Cited: Bill Maurer, dean of School of Social Sciences and professor of anthropology

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