April 1, 2024
Spring blooms have arrived at Middle Earth’s Brandywine Commons.
Spring blooms have arrived at Middle Earth’s Brandywine Commons. (Photo: Steve Zylius/UC Irvine)


UCI wins 2024 Social Mobility Tournament

2024 Social Mobility Bracket shows UC Irvine as the champion
The 2024 Social Mobility Tournament is modeled after March Madness, with schools competing in successive brackets for the highest affordability rating. With an average degree cost of $36,700 and an earnings premium of over $36,900, Anteaters can pay down the total net cost of their degree in one year. This helps put UC Irvine’s nearly 12,000 Pell students higher up on the escalator leading to family-sustaining earnings, winning the top rank among 74 schools in the competition.

New psychiatry program trains doctors in behavioral health

Due to a shortage of behavioral health experts in California, the School of Medicine is training primary care physicians and pediatricians to address common behavioral health conditions. The Train New Trainers Primary Care Psychiatry Fellowship is a year-long clinical education certificate program that focuses on prevention, accurate diagnoses and effective treatment of commonly encountered behavioral conditions.

​​Regional infection control reduces mortality of antibiotic-resistant organisms

A new UCI Health study has found that the collaborative use of antiseptic soap and nasal ointment among patients in hospitals and residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities across a region can significantly lower infections, hospitalizations, costs and deaths, as well as hard-to-treat antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, also known as superbugs.


Undergraduate eyes future career in space exploration

Ozzy Sanchez-Aldana

Third-year mechanical engineering student Ozzy Sanchez-Aldana is the first in his family to pursue a bachelor’s degree. But the 21-year-old Mexican American has much higher ambitions – to one day work in NASA’s space exploration division. He now heads the payload team in the UAV Forge project, working to create an unmanned aerial vehicle for an annual international competition held in Maryland. The undergraduate-led group aims to build a quadcopter that can carry an object to a specific target on a flight path on other planets.

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The New York Times logo

Wanted in South Korea: Imperialism-Free Cherry Blossoms

The New York Times, March 29
Cited: David Fedman, associate professor of history

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'I am so scared of them now': Burned from overspending, some 'buy now, pay later' users warn others away

NBC News, March 30
Cited: Ben Lourie, associate professor of accounting

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Opinion: Laken Riley’s killing does reflect a broader danger. But it isn’t ‘immigrant crime’

Los Angeles Times, April 1
Author: Charis E. Kubrin, professor of criminology, law and society

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