Dec. 12, 2023
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Two trees explode in fall color near the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering building during golden hour. (Photo: Steve Zylius/UCI)
Two trees explode in fall color near the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering building during golden hour. (Photo: Steve Zylius/UCI)


Green Scene

Sustainability achievements and tips from UCI

How UCI continues to lead in sustainability

UCI’s journey to become one of America’s greenest campuses began decades ago. An early highlight happened inside a campus lab with chemistry professor F. Sherwood “Sherry” Rowland and postdoctoral student Mario Molina’s research into ozone depletion. Published in 1973, the duo’s revelation pierced through the mundane haze of aerosol sprays, uncovering a single chlorine atom’s potential to erode the Earth’s stratospheric ozone layer. Their findings catalyzed the Montreal Protocol, one of the most successful worldwide environmental agreements to date, and earned them the Nobel Prize in chemistry. The men’s work also helped spawn UCI’s culture of pioneering sustainability research and eco-friendly practices.

UCI Health receives prestigious hospital award

UCI Medical Center has been named one of the Leapfrog Group’s Top Hospitals of 2023. Only 132 hospitals in the country received this recognition for high-quality patient care. Award winners are divided into categories, with UCI Medical Center ranked as one of the top teaching hospitals. “It is an honor to be listed as one of America’s top hospitals,” said UCI Health CEO and President Chad T. Lefteris. “Being selected from hundreds of hospitals nationwide is not just a recognition of our dedication to excellence, but also a testament to the hard work and professionalism of our entire team. This prestigious distinction from the Leapfrog Group aligns perfectly with our mission — Discover, Teach, Heal — and our commitment to improve the health of our community.”


Womxn in Tech group volunteers with purpose

Womxn in Tech group volunteers with purpose
Volunteering can foster social connections, build professional networks, boost self-confidence and promote greater life satisfaction. “Volunteering in the UC Womxn in Tech community holds immense personal significance for me, particularly in my role as chair,” says UCI’s Carolina Manel, who leads UC Womxn in Tech. “Bringing my unique perspective as a Latina woman in tech allows me to promote representation for the underrepresented in the tech field. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for me to collaborate with women who bring diverse perspectives and passion to tech within a higher education institution.”


Business professor advances to ‘Jeopardy’ semifinals

Business professor Edward Coulson advances to ‘Jeopardy’ semifinals
Last year, Edward Coulson, a professor of economics at the Paul Merage School of Business, ended a three-day stint on his favorite show, ABC’s “Jeopardy,” with roughly $40,000 in winnings. Thanks to that run, the show invited Coulson back for its current “Champions Wildcard Tournament.” In his first-round appearance, which aired Dec. 6, Coulson won, which means he’s playing in the next round. We wish him the best of luck.
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Federal attempt to combat anti-Semitism puts universities in an untenable position | Opinion

Yahoo News – The Sacramento Bee, Dec. 12
Co-author: Chancellor Howard Gillman

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What’s one global challenge AI can bring us closer to solving?

Dialogues, December
Cited: Megan Peters, associate professor of cognitive sciences

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Heat pumps: New rebates help more Southern Californians make the switch

The Orange County Register, Dec. 11
Cited: Steven Allison, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology

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