Dec. 6, 2023
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Person cooking food on a grill on Ring Road.
Good things being cooked up on Ring Road. (Photo: Steve Zylius/UCI)


LeadHER: Mentoring the next generation of women leaders

LeadHER inaugural meeting - group photo
A new course offered by the School of Social Sciences this fall, LeadHER allows students engaged in a structured 10-week mentorship program to become successful leaders and foster connections that will support them professionally for years to come. LeadHER mentors are members of the School of Social Sciences’ Women of the Dean’s Leadership Society, the first group of its kind at UCI. Like the students they are mentoring, the women come from a variety of backgrounds, including some who earned college degrees later in life or made major career changes.

UCI Law and Point Foundation Announce New Scholarship Initiative

UCI Law School and Point Foundation have established a scholarship initiative allowing Point alumni access to scholarship funds at UCI Law. The initiative guarantees a minimum scholarship for Point Scholars or alumni of Point’s Flagship, Community College, and BIPOC programs who have graduated from an undergraduate or graduate program and are later admitted into UCI Law’s Juris Doctor program. Successful applicants admitted to UCI Law will receive a minimum $30,000 tuition scholarship per year to help offset the costs of attending UCI Law and will also receive support from student leaders of OutLaw at UCI Law, a student organization committed to facilitating civic and social activities by and for the LGBTQIA community at the law school.


Beware of phishing emails impersonating UCPath

UCPath is alerting employees of new phishing email scams that are targeting UC employees by falsely impersonating UCPath. The fraudulent email includes the UC/UCPath logo and the subject line: “Update Your UCPath Account” and the body of the email provides the following instructions: “Kindly review and update UCPath account to avoid issues. This is a mandatory update for all UC Staff and Faculty Members. Update Account.” If you received this email and shared your credentials, “contact the UCI Security team ( immediately.”


Super-cute Brazilian anteater may be a new species

A silky anteater rests in the canopy of a mangrove forest in Brazil’s Parnaíba Delta.
Attention, fellow Anteaters: a tennis-ball sized silky Anteater recently discovered in Brazil may turn out to be the smallest Anteater species on the planet. Until recently, scientists believed that all silky anteaters belonged to the same species. But in 2017, a Brazilian scientist named Flávia Miranda published an analysis of silky anteater DNA from across the Americas, revealing seven distinct species. Now, Miranda is investigating the possibility that the animal she found in the Parnaíba Delta roughly 174 miles east of São Luís is a member of a previously unknown eighth species. Whatever it is, experts agree this new specimen wins the cute contest!
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Note: Some news sites require subscriptions to read articles. The UCI Libraries offer free subscriptions to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Orange County Register and The Washington Post for students, faculty and staff.
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UC Irvine study shows how more women on corporate boards improves performance

KCBS Radio, Dec. 5
Cited: Margarethe Wiersema, Dean’s Professor of strategic management

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Fred T. Korematsu Center Moving To UCI Law In 2024

Law360, Nov. 28
Cited: Robert S. Chang, professor of law and Austen Parrish, dean and Chancellor’s professor of law

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Do We Need to Farm Oil Crops?

Modern Farmer, Nov. 29
Cited: Steven Davis, professor of Earth system science

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