Aug. 22, 2023
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A maintenance worker power-washes trash bins along Ring Road. (Photo: Steve Zylius/UCI)
A maintenance worker power-washes trash bins along Ring Road. (Photo: Steve Zylius/UCI)


Scientists say Arctic snowpack drives greenhouse emissions

According to new research led by UCI Earth system scientists, parts of the Arctic are getting a deeper snowpack than normal, which is driving the thawing of long-frozen permafrost carbon reserves and leading to increased emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. “It is the first long-term experiment where we directly measure the mobilization of ancient carbon year-round to show that deeper snow has the possibility to rather quickly mobilize carbon deep in the soil,” said Claudia Czimczik, a professor of Earth system science and the lead author of the study, which appears in AGU Advances. “Unfortunately, it supports the notion that permafrost carbon emissions will be contributing to already-rising atmospheric CO2 levels.”

UCI Health Blog: Healthy food can calm ADHD symptoms

Although the classic characteristics of ADHD — difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness — can make school a challenge for children with this diagnosis, a well-rounded diet full of essential nutrients is known to improve memory, mood, behavior and cognition. "Nutritious food can be a powerful ally in calming ADHD symptoms,” says Katie E. Rankell, a registered dietitian and director of the UCI Health Weight Management Program. "In general, experts say that whatever foods are good for brain health are likely to be good for ADHD.” The UCI Health Blog has more information about healthy foods and even recipes for kids diagnosed with this condition.


UC launches Student and Policy Center

Just steps away from the state Capitol, the University of California launched its new UC Student and Policy Center on Aug. 15 in Sacramento
Just steps away from the state Capitol, the University of California launched its new UC Student and Policy Center on Aug. 15 in Sacramento, ushering in a new era of collaboration and partnership with state leaders. The three-story building on 11th Street will provide an expanded educational home for UC students seeking public policy internships and real-world experience with state government. It will also serve as a hub where UC researchers can gather with state leaders and policymakers to develop solutions to California’s biggest challenges.


What Are Carbohydrates – Baking Basics and Substitutes
Thursday, 4 p.m. (sponsored by Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute)

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Steve Zylius

@UCIrvine posted on Instagram: On this #WorldPhotographyDay, we're turning the lens to university photographer Steve Zylius! Meet the man behind the camera, capturing UCI's moments in time. Photography has been a significant part of Steve's life, shaping his career, friendships and even love—yes, he met his wife of 25 years through their shared passion for photography! It's given him a unique perspective on our fast-paced world, allowing him to slow-down moments and spotlight the beauty, joy and sometimes surprises we might miss in the whirlwind of life. "It's why photography still has power."

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Flash flooding and powerful winds hit California

BBC, Aug 21
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L.A. might ban cashless businesses. Here’s what’s at stake

Los Angeles Times, Aug. 22
Cited: Bill Maurer, professor of anthropology and dean of social sciences

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Press rights groups back journalist being sued by L.A. to claw back public records

San Francisco Chronicle, Aug. 21
Cited: Susan Seager, adjunct professor of law

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