July 27, 2023
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Anteater Time Machine: In 1965, UCI’s oar-wielding rowing team strike a pose.
Anteater Time Machine: In 1965, UCI’s oar-wielding rowing team strike a pose.


What causes personal success? Maybe not what you think

What causes personal success? Maybe not what you think - Monopoly image
Do people generally control their own fates, or are external forces more important in shaping a person’s success in life? Most of us overemphasize the role of internal factors while downplaying the impact of situational ones, says Paul K. Piff, an associate professor of psychological science. Using a study of the game of Monopoly, Piff explains why that view is flawed and how it influences everything from personal motivation to political divisions. In an intriguing article in Greater Good Magazine, he and other experts discuss the “attribution effect” and outline ways to boost empathy and perceptions of inequality.

Should you get an adult RSV vaccine?

Two vaccines designed to prevent RSV in adults age 60 and older are expected to be released later this year. Dr. Hannah Nam, a UCI Health infectious disease specialist, discusses their effectiveness and safety, and lists factors to consider in deciding whether to get a shot.


Labor Center interns work to support unions

Nineteen UCI students — 13 undergrads, three grad students and three law students — are learning the ropes of union organizing and research skills as paid summer interns with the UCI Labor Center. Funding for the Labor Center, which debuted in March, was part of California’s 2022-23 budget, which included $13 million to expand such programs across the University of California system. UCI is receiving $1.5 million over three years for its center.
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Note: Some news sites require subscriptions to read articles. The UCI Libraries offer free subscriptions to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Orange County Register and The Washington Post for students, faculty and staff.
The Wall Street Journal logo

Opinion: Lina Khan Needs to See ‘Shark Tank’

The Wall Street Journal, July 26
Author: Richard McKenzie, professor emeritus of economics

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Wasp Stings: Reaction, Symptoms And Treatments

Forbes Health, July 26
Cited: Ashley Sandoval, associate clinical professor of medicine

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Heat waves in U.S., Europe ‘virtually impossible’ without climate change, study finds

The Washington Post, July 25
Cited: Jane Baldwin, assistant professor of Earth system science

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